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Samana Gujarat

This is excerpt from an original article on Samana Gujarat.

Our special Paint to Empower program was recently brought to the city of Surat in Gujarat, India on request of the local community. The participants? A group of 30+ children with various disabilities who reside in the Disable Welfare Trust of India , and award winning local non-profit in Surat which was founded and is run by Mr. Kanubhai. The featured artist of the event was Nidhi Wahi, a prolific artist and Instagrammer from Surat, who took the children through a series of painting lessons which eventually led to the creation of a set of beautiful acrylic paintings. This event was organized as part of the Paint to Empower initiative, which is one of the mental health programs offered by Reach Lives, in partnership with The Crimson Canvas.

News article on Samana Gujarat newspaper
Article on Samana Gujarat

Join us at the next Paint to Empower event as a volunteer and bring joy to kids in orphanages and foster homes.


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