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Reach Lives dedicated its resources to identifying and helping the most disadvantaged individuals, especially those who lost all means of sustenance, during the pandemic. This included communities of migrant workers, daily wage laborers, domestic helps, construction workers, trans-persons in need, children, elderly and the destitute in care homes, orphanages and foster homes. We primarily focused on meeting the macro and micro-nutrient needs of the communities with a firm belief that adequate nutrition was the need of the hour during those testing times.



drinks distributed

food distributed

families clothed

Rs. 80lakh



Project Inclusion


Millions of families lost their sources of income during the pandemic which rendered even their basic needs, inaccessible luxuries.

Our nutrition outreach program was instituted to help deserving families, especially those living in migrant settlement colonies with monthly groceries. Each grocery kit consisted of Cooking Oil, Rice, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Dal, Turmeric, Chili Powder and Coriander Powder.

Reach Lives NGO volunteer distributing supplementary drinks to children during COVID-19


The Supplementary Nutrition Program was instituted to help at-risk populations including children and elderly living in orphanages, old-age homes and the homeless better meet their caloric and protein needs during a time when food availability had been affected.

In partnership with Ricco Delizio Pvt. Ltd., we distributed flavored and enriched milk to the identified beneficiaries alongside our nutrition outreach program.


While face-mask usage had been identified as a critical intervention with the potential to reduce the spread of COVID-19, comfortable, re-usable masks still remained out of reach for many of the poorest members of the community. Our face-mask distribution program was instituted to help provide clean, re-usable masks prepared locally and educate the beneficiaries on its proper use.

Reach Lives re-usable cloth face mask
Reach Lives volunteers distributing free clothes among children


Clothing in the form of used and new clothes were distributed to orphanages, old age homes and other needy communities to help them especially during the harsh, cold Bangalore winters. Additionally, blankets and linen were provided for the same purpose.

Transgender woman carrying a sack in india



Read how Reach Lives volunteers distributed emergency monthly rations among over 1,000 transgender persons during COVID-19.


Our efforts in rehabilitating children affected by the socio-economic sequelae of the pandemic would have born little fruit if not for the avid help and support of our community. This includes volunteers of Stonehill International School, Bengaluru, who stepped up and helping us fundraise for the project with few students even crafting furniture to be installed in the new foster homes.

If you are interested in reaching vulnerable lives and effecting positive change like these young volunteers, consider volunteering with us.


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