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Central to Reach Lives are our cornerstone initiatives: Reach Health, Reach Nutrition, and Reach Horizons. Designed with Bengaluru's vulnerable children in mind, these programs are our response to the pressing needs for healthcare, nutrition, and education. With initiatives ranging from remote medical camps, and collaborative in-patient healthcare partnerships with esteemed hospitals, to food distribution campaigns, targeted nutritional programs, comprehensive educational support, and scholarships, we're continuously striving to build a brighter future for these children.


Beyond children, our sphere of influence extends to the larger community. We're dedicated to uplifting marginalized groups, including the transgender community and those tragically impacted by unforeseen calamities, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our mission extends beyond our core programs. In a world facing multifaceted challenges, our projects encompass broad-reaching solutions: from pioneering trans-inclusion efforts to our proactive COVID-19 response. Our Homeless No More initiative stands testament to our unwavering commitment, to assisting children tragically separated from their families during the pandemic. Wherever there's a call for help, Reach Lives responds, ensuring every individual—young or old, receives the compassionate support they deserve.

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