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This is how we reach them.


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Reach Lives is committed to tackling the issue of homelessness, an important determinant of population health. We do this by tending to the health and nutritional needs of the homeless who reside in foster homes run by Dream India Network (DIN) through our Reach Health and Reach Nutrition programs. While these homes foster hundreds of children who would otherwise have faced significant obstacles to survival, they are still not enough to eradicate homelessness in Bengaluru especially among children with disabilities who need additional care and facilities to truly realize their potential.

The Homeless No More project has been instituted to expand on the existing network of DIN foster homes with facilities for the housing of children with disabilities and those in need of urgent rehabilitation due to disasters such as COVID-19. The first of such homes, a foster home dedicated to the housing of children with disabilities who have been abandoned during COVID-19, has been established in CMH Road, Indiranagar. 

All our children in foster homes receive nutritional and medical support through our Reach Health and Reach Nutrition projects.


Setting up and maintaining homes and providing healthcare to children with disabilities is an expensive affair. We need your help to set up an inclusive society that cares for those with differing needs.


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"It has been a pleasure to be associated with REACH LIVES (RL) & their nutrition programs. We contribute financially on our kids’ birthdays and RL bought groceries  & study items to kids in homes. They sang birthday song for our kids. 😍 During pandemic, we contributed groceries & clothes which RL distributed to needy. Our grandsons (5 year old twins) are happy to be involved as we imbibed the habit to share. Since we seniors cannot directly reach end-beneficiaries, RL is effectively facilitating us to do so. We place on record our appreciation and thanks to RL." 

Aslesha Madappa ABC International

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