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Food waste is India's dumbest problem.

The food that is wasted in India, if redirected efficiently, could feed every Indian twice. Reach Lives is tasked with identifying unused food and distributing it to the urban homeless in Bengaluru through partnerships with homeless shelters.


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    Identification of waste

    Our work starts with finding restaurants and other food establishments that generate large amounts of unused food which has to be discarded.

  • 2

    Safety check

    Rigorous quality control checks of all food-handling processes is undertaken to ensure the freshness and safety of the sourced food.

  • 3

    Meal Preparation

    Through synergistic partnerships with the respective establishments, food is prepared for consumption at a subsidized cost.

  • 4

    Delivery & Logistics

    Donations towards our cause are redirected to our logistics partners who deliver the food to the intended beneficiaries.

  • 5

    Meal Distribution

    Food is distributed to beneficiaries at partner old-age homes and night shelters for consumption.


Consider supporting the Reach Nutrition initiative by donating to the cause. All donations will be used to procure and distribute food to our recipients. Click below to connect with us.


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REACHLIVES is a subsidiary of the Anora Charitable Foundation, a 12A registered society with section 80(G) status of income tax act. The foundation follows all financial regulations set forth for non-profits by the Government of India and is audited annually.
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