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Nourishing Bodies, Nurturing Lives.

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That good health cannot be attained solely through medical interventions has been an important guiding principle of the model we’ve based our work on thus far. Nutrition outcomes, especially, are deeply intertwined with health outcomes, so much so that good health cannot be achieved without good nutrition.

Take a hypothetical example of a 5 year old malnourished child with an acute case of diarrhea (one of the major causes of under-5 mortality in India which often only requires adequate hydration and nutrition for full recovery). Many lower SES families in India stop feeding the child food or water at the very onset of diarrhea assuming that it would help stop the illness. This worsens the health status of the child leading to the child being brought at a critical stage several days later to the hospital where the parents would have to incur large bills. Often even hospitalized care is not enough at this stage leading to the child succumbing to the disease. This could have all been prevented if the child was properly nourished,  the family had a sanitary latrine, the parents were educated on the do’s and don’ts and the family had been empowered to source and prepare clean, hygienic meals and drinks. Noteworthy is that none of these involve medical interventions of any sort. Needless to say, our nutritional outreach programs have been as important to us as our medical camps.

Our nutrition program provides wholesome meals to the destitute in care homes and targeted catch-up nutrition using supplements for individuals who are identified to be at-risk for malnutrition (macro or micro-nutrient deficiencies).

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See how Reach Lives volunteers teamed up with Stonehill International, Embassy group and Pot and Bloom to procure 20,000 meals during national nutrition week.


Reach Lives supports over 500 children in Bengaluru with their daily food needs in partnership with the Bangalore Food Bank. Our team distributes monthly rations of locally sourced groceries that will adequately meet the daily dietary requirements of all children.

For just Rs. 3,000 per month or Rs. 36,000 a year, you can help us tend to all the needs of children including healthcare, nutrition, shelter, education and familial support.

Two Indian schoolgirls eating food
Reach Lives volunteer sitting with many children on the ground


Reach Lives leverages anthropometric, developmental and health data obtained at routine health clinics to identify and treat children with micro and macro nutrient deficiencies through supplementary nutrition support in association with nutritional consultants and doctors. Learn more about how Reach Lives partnered with Zago during COVID-19 to help children and the elderly meet their daily macro-nutritional requirements.


Reach Lives in partnership with Bangalore Food Bank and FMCG companies such as Cadbury, Nestle, Britannia, etc., regularly distributes giftboxes among children who would have otherwise not been able to access tasty treats.

If you are interested distributing your products among children in needs, please consider partnering with us.

Young children standing in a courtyard holding chocolates
Reach lives volunteers helping children during COVID-19


Millions lost their ability to procure food during the pandemic and the resultant lockdowns. Learn how we reached thousands of families with lakhs worth of food during the pandemic by clicking below.


Every gift, no matter the size, counts! Your generous contributions will help us feed, clothe, heal and foster vulnerable children across Bengaluru.


Feed the less fortunate on your next special occasion, be it a birthday, day of remembrance or day of celebration. Add goodwill to your special occasions by spreading joy among those who need your care and support the most.

Feasts of Love 

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