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CSR Partnerships

We are involved in a range of projects that can meet your Corporate Social Responsibility interests. We assure our commitment to these programs and believe that they are worthy of your investment. We value and take pride in our ability to understand, maintain and support a partnership that guarantees reliability, transparency, professionalism and performance.

We highly value partnerships through CSR as they provide a tremendous boost to our programs and help us augment our impact on our beneficiaries. On the other hand, our commitment to social impact through our projects will ensure great value for your investment of time and money.  ​We would love to collaborate with you and have a positive impact on the world. Please use one of the contact options below to get in touch with us.

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Our partnership with Ricco Delizio Pvt. Ltd. brought flavored milk drinks to communities of children and elderly individuals belonging to care homes across Bangalore. This initiative was especially impactful given the COVID-19 pandemic which rendered many of these homes unable to meet the caloric needs of their residents. The flavored milk drinks served as an excellent source of high-quality caloric and protein supplementation during the testing times.


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Volunteer With Us


One of our chief areas of intervention during COVID-19 has been rehabilitating children affected by the socio-economic sequelae of the pandemic; our work to this end would have born little fruit if not for the avid help and support of our community.

This includes volunteers of Stonehill International School, Bengaluru, who stepped up and helping us fundraise for the project with few students even crafting furniture to be installed in the new foster homes.

If you are interested in reaching vulnerable lives and effecting positive change like these young volunteers, consider signing up as a volunteer below.

General Questions

Our Mission

We aim to reach the marginalized populations of our country through medical outreach that breaks the financial and geographical barriers to accessing healthcare. We believe that through our efforts we can have a significant and lasting impact on our nation's health outcomes.

What will I gain by volunteering at Reach Health?

1. Impact: By joining Reach Lives you are embarking on a mission to make the world a better place. You will directly contribute to the organization and delivery of medical services within communities that cannot ordinarily access them. You will leave our events with a distinct feeling of accomplishment that comes with directly interacting with the beneficiaries of your efforts. 2. Learning: If you are looking to expand your world view and experience life at the bottom of the pyramid, then a Reach Health event is perfect for you. You will not only learn how medical care is delivered to people but also discover first-hand the barriers people have to overcome to access care. 3. Community: You will meet and connect with like-minded individuals from all walks of life. Together you will empower each other and accomplish various tasks.

What are the available opportunities to volunteer?

Event volunteers: 1. Coordinators: Coordinators do not need any background in healthcare. Coordinators will be tasked with organizing the event and providing support to the skilled volunteers. This includes logistic support, community mobilization and health education. Coordinators will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the event. 2. Skilled Volunteers: Skilled volunteers are individuals who belong to one of the following categories:

  • Doctors - Medical and Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Paramedical staff - specifically lab technicians
  • Health educators
Skilled volunteers will be expected to directly participate in the delivery of medical care. 3. Fundraising Volunteers: As a non-profit we primarily meet our funding needs by organizaing fundraisers. These may be ongoing enagagements in communities or standalone events such as marathon fundraisers. There is no requirement for past experience in fundraising. However, past experience is desirable. Work-From-Home opportunities: 1. Communications Volunteers: The Reach Lives blog, COVID-19 dashboard, social media pages, etc., have been created especially to tackle the vast amounts of misinformation that is currently being circulated online. As a communications volunteer you will work on a domain of interest: healthcare, nutrition, public health or other relevant social cause, and create or manage content on any of the available RL outlets. All interested candidates are required to submit a sample of their work.

What are the age requirements?

Our volunteers are typically aged 16+. However, for certain events, younger volunteers may participate as long as they have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian.

How can I volunteer in an emergency or natural disaster?

If you feel that you are physically and emotionally fit to participate in response and recovery efforts in emergency contexts, please indicate your interest in the application form. If Reach Lives participates in any recovery efforts, you will be contacted.

How many hours will I expected to devote to Reach Lives?

Reach Health events: Our events generally last between 4 and 6 hours. We require that volunteers be avaiable for the entire duration of the event. Fundraising Team: You will work with the fundraising team to determine an acceptable level of commitment. Communications Team: You will be expected to describe your intended level of commitment if you are selected to join the team.

What is the procedure to enroll as a volunteer?

Please use the links below to enroll as a volunteer and join our roster. Once you join the roster, you will be contacted when an opportunity is made available at the earliest event. You may choose to participate in the event depending upon you availability. If you are unable to attend the event, you will be re-contacted at the next available event. Please note: We are unable to provide volunteers with a choice of events to participate in. Invites will be delivered to you on a per-event basis. Communications volunteers will be contacted if the writing sample provided matches our style.

Workplace Engagements

Why should my business partner with Reach Lives?

A partnership with Reach Lives can help your business have a visible, positive social impact. Our partners benefit from improved brand lift, increased sales, engaged employees and boost in customer loyalty.

Option 1: Cause Marketing

Join forces on an integrated consumer-facing campaign to increase sales and build consumer loyalty. Together we will not only achieve your business objectives but also ultimately transform the lives of real people.

How do we collaborate?

Please choose your preferred option from the list given below and send us a mail at We will get back to you at the earliest.

Option 2: Employee Engagement

Rally employees, increase morale, foster team building and promote the company's social investment strategy through participation in one of our many events.

Option 3: Product Donations

Reach Lives collaborates with our corporate partners to strategically provide supplies and resources for communities in need. Some of the items we require include:

  • School supplies: Backpacks, books, crayons, pencils, sharpeners and erasers.
  • Facility supplies: Laundry detergent, dish soap.
  • Home supplies: Board games, cots, mats, towels, diapers.
  • Toys for children
  • Art supplies: Canvas, paint brush, paints, palettes, aprons.

Cities Covered

What cities does Reach Health operate in?

We are currently inviting volunteers from Karnataka (especially in and around Bengaluru), Goa and Tamil Nadu (especially in and around Madurai) to sign up. We are currently not functional in other parts of India; however, we will soon be expanding to many more regions. Please sign up and indicate your preferred city so we can keep you updated.

Other Programs

How do I volunteer in the Reach Creativity Program?

Volunteer enrolment for this initiative is handled by our implementing partner, The Crimson Canvas. Please head to their website by clicking here, to see an updated list of upcoming events.

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Skilled Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers

Communications Volunteers

Healthcare Provider Partnerships

We are in need of institutional support to continue our work. If you own or are associated with a healthcare providing institution (hospital, nursing home, clinic, care home, medical laboratory, other healthcare institution) and are willing to help, this section is for you. Our healthcare outreach programs require the following for successful implementation:

1. General and Pediatric Health Outreaches:

  • Doctors (any specialty)

  • Lab technicians and lab equipment for routine blood investigations

  • Nursing staff

  • Pharmacist and pharmaceutical provisions

2. Eye Health Outreaches:

  • Ophthalmologists

  • Optometrists

  • Eye testing equipment

  • Pharmacist

  • Lab technicians and lab equipment for routine blood investigations

3. Dental Health Outreaches:

  • Dentists

  • Equipment for Fluoride wash, extractions, filling and general check up

  • Oral kits

  • Lab technicians and lab equipment for routine blood investigations

4. Blood Donation Drives:

  • Staff and equipment for organizing blood donation camps

If your institution is able and willing to provide any of these services for a needy community please get in touch with us and we will be able to tell you more about our outreaches.

If you are an individual (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc.) willing to offer your services on an individual basis but are unable to get institutional support for equipment and personnel, please use the 'VOLUNTEER' section above.