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Despite India’s economic growth over the past several decades, its health outcomes still fare poorly. Large inequities in health and access to health services continue to persist and have even widened across states, between rural and urban areas and between rich and poor communities.  

Reach Lives, a product of like-minded doctors, businesspersons and philanthropists, has been conceptualized and created to tackle the issues plaguing healthcare access among one of the most vulnerable populations, our children, with a specific focus on orphaned, abandoned, homeless, impoverished and disabled children in urban Bengaluru. Our intent has been to reach these children and help them reach good health to maximize their chances of success in their lives. 

We have been operational since 2019 and after being accredited as a 12A registered trust with 80(G) status of the Income Tax Act, have made considerable strides towards achieving our goal through strategic partnerships with public sector and private sector organizations, successful fundraisers and the support of thousands of volunteers from across the country.

That good health and well being is key in helping children realize their potential  and that it cannot be attained solely through medical interventions have been important guiding principles of the model we’ve based our work on thus far. Health comprises of 5 domains—(1) health care, (2) health behaviors, (3) the physical and social environment, (4) socioeconomic status, and (5) public policy—all of which have complex interrelationships and focusing on any one domain is unlikely to yield tangible and sustainable results.

Therefore, our work goes beyond just providing medical care and covers the domains of nutrition and housing as well. Our principal beneficiaries are at-risk children in Bengaluru who are housed in a growing network of foster homes directly or indirectly supported by us and managed by our partner organization, Dream India Network

Reach Lives volunteer with children at a Paint to Empower workshop
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patients treated.

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meals distributed.

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children with disabilities housed.


Reach Lives dedicated its resources to identifying and helping the most disadvantaged individuals, especially those who lost all means of sustenance, during the pandemic. This included communities of migrant workers, daily wage laborers, domestic helps, construction workers, trans-persons in need, children, elderly and the destitute in care homes, orphanages and foster homes. We primarily focused on meeting the macro and micro-nutrient needs of the communities with a firm belief that adequate nutrition was the need of the hour during those testing times.

Reach Lives volunteers helping children during COVID-19
Reach Lives volunteers distributing rations to transgenders


Our newest project has been instituted to help a marginalized and vulnerable subset of our society - impoverished transgender individuals. Many of these individuals are forced to migrate to cities like Bengaluru to escape societal norms and find themselves in need of guidance, support and belonging. Our project has been instituted in partnership with other NGO's and social groups to assist such individuals through healthcare, nutrition and livelihood support.


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