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Education is the cornerstone of personal development and societal growth. It transcends the boundaries of mere knowledge acquisition, empowering individuals to craft their destinies and participate actively in the betterment of their communities. Yet, for countless meritorious students, dreams are often stifled, not by a lack of ambition or capability, but by the daunting shadow of financial constraints.


At Reach Lives, we believe in potential. Our mission is to ensure that no child's aspirations are curbed because of monetary constraints. We're here to bridge the gap, ensuring that dreams soar and talents flourish, unfettered by financial concerns.


Introducing the Anora Charitable Foundation Scholarship – a beacon of hope for high school scholars in the crucial 12th standard phase. Every year, we handpick 20 deserving students to receive this scholarship. Each scholarship is worth Rs. 30,000, composed of Rs. 20,000 in tuition support and Rs. 10,000 in-kind educational supplies. Our goal? To ensure that financial limitations never stand in the way of academic excellence and passion-driven education.

The realm of education is vast and diverse, and at Reach Lives, we strive to cater to every aspect of it. From specialized schooling initiatives for children with disabilities to comprehensive after-school tuition support, our projects span a wide spectrum. We're continuously innovating and expanding, ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has access to the transformative power of education. Stay tuned to witness, support, and be a part of our evolving journey in educational empowerment.

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Reach Lives team collage


"It has been a pleasure to be associated with REACH LIVES (RL) & their nutrition programs. We contribute financially on our kids’ birthdays and RL bought groceries  & study items to kids in homes. They sang birthday song for our kids. 😍 During pandemic, we contributed groceries & clothes which RL distributed to needy. Our grandsons (5 year old twins) are happy to be involved as we imbibed the habit to share. Since we seniors cannot directly reach end-beneficiaries, RL is effectively facilitating us to do so. We place on record our appreciation and thanks to RL." 

Aslesha Madappa ABC International

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