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Kanara Entrepreneurs Recognises our Work

Kanara Entrepreneurs, a global network of entrepreneurs and innovators hailing from the Kanara region in India, proudly honored the chairperson of Reach Lives, Ms. Mini Mohan, for her visionary leadership and impactful work in the field of child healthcare and nutrition. The felicitation ceremony took place in March 2023, recognizing her exceptional contributions to the betterment of underprivileged children in urban Bengaluru.

Reach Lives, founded by a group of dedicated doctors, businesspersons, and philanthropists, has been actively addressing the healthcare access challenges faced by vulnerable children, including orphans, abandoned, homeless, impoverished, and disabled children. Their mission to improve the health and well-being of these children has garnered significant attention and appreciation from the community and beyond.

The felicitation event, organized by Kanara Entrepreneurs, aimed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Reach Lives. The honor bestowed upon the organization reflects the admiration and gratitude of the Kanara Entrepreneurs community for the organization's exemplary dedication and commitment to social empowerment.

Kanara Entrepreneurs, renowned for bringing together entrepreneurial minds and fostering innovation, acknowledges the significant role Reach Lives has played in transforming the lives of numerous children in Bengaluru. Through strategic partnerships with public and private sector organizations, successful fundraisers, and the support of thousands of volunteers, Reach Lives has been instrumental in providing healthcare, nutrition, and housing support to children residing in foster homes, slums, migrant colonies, and informal settlements.

The felicitation ceremony served as a platform to highlight the exceptional work carried out by Reach Lives under the visionary leadership of its chairperson. Her inspiring vision, coupled with the passion and dedication of the Reach Lives team, has brought about positive change and instilled hope in the lives of vulnerable children.

Learn more about the organization and its work by clicking here.


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