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(1) Trans-persons face widespread discrimination at healthcare institutions

(2) There are significant lapses in knowledge of trans-specific health issues among healthcare workers

(3) Trans-persons who live off of daily wages/beggary face huge opportunity costs to access care

Our Transgender project has been instituted to help Transgender individuals in Bangalore who need support navigating hurdles in accessing healthcare, nourishment and livelihoods, especially during Pride month annually.

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Learn more about the impact we had on the trans-community during Pride month 2022 here.

Pride background
LGBTQube in Bengaluru


50 trans-persons saw their first movie ever in a multiplex

2,000 trans-persons helped with healthcare

20,000 individuals educated about trans-health needs


  • Organized a public movie screening for 50 trans-persons who have never seen a movie in a theater

  • Adopted health needs of India's first trans-run orphanage, Nammane Summane

  • Installed a giant LGBTQube in Bengaluru to raise awareness of trans-health needs​​


  • Delivered Rs. 15,00,000 worth rations to trans-persons who lost livelihoods during COVID-19

  • Set up healthcare program in 10+ trans-communities


  • Set up sponsored livelihood programs for trans-persons looking for career changes in partnership with DIN

  • Delivered ration kits to 6 trans-communities during COVID-19

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