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The Rubik's Cube with its inherent complexity mirrors in many ways the intricacies of human existence - of identity and of expression.


Just as a cuber solving a Rubik's cube encounters brand new patterns and combinations of colors with each move, so too a person progressing through life encounters identities that are new and different from their own with each passing day.


It is only by accepting and progressing through a suite of combinations can a cuber solve a Rubik's cube. Perhaps then, in life too, acknowledging and accepting diversity should be a necessary step in our collective journey to understanding who we are.

Artwork created by Dr. Senneil Gomes and Dr. Victor Mohan.

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LGBTQube in Bengaluru
Reach Lives volunteer conducting a seminar for trans-persons in a settlement


(1) Trans-persons face widespread discrimination at healthcare institutions

(2) There are significant lapses in knowledge of trans-specific health issues among healthcare workers

(3) Trans-persons who live off of daily wages/beggary face huge opportunity costs to access care

Reach Lives through its network of healthcare partners is launching a remote healthcare camp program for trans-persons-in-need across Bengaluru. These camps are organized close to or within trans-settlements and are designed to be affordable, accessible and free from discrimination.



Rs. 1,000 per year is all it takes to meet all the health requirements of a person-in-need including routine healthcare and specific interventions including occupational health interventions such as HIV screening and treatment, mental health counselling, genitourinary and reproductive health consultations and procedures.


However, donations of all sizes are welcome - no contribution is too small or too large.

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Let's Start A Conversation

Share your personal LGBTQ+ story, highlight social problems or share messages of hope, support or love below.


Genuine conversations can lead to great things and your positive message could be just what someone needs to hear today.





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Pick a random ball from a lucky draw. The number written on the ball corresponds to what you will receive from the list below.

Eligible Prizes

  1. 2 night free stay at a coffee plantation homestay in Coorg.

  2. Free Home Décor products from IKEA Bangalore and more

  3. Rs. 200 Amazon gift voucher

  4. Free PVR movie tickets for 2

  5. Free DIY supplies including Itsy Bitsy products & live plants

  6. Free Chocolate bars

  7. Free Cookies

  8. Try again

  9. Better luck next time


  • Help us bring healthcare to trans-persons in need across Bengaluru. Make a small contribution to help save a life. All contributions of Rs. 500 and up are eligible for prizes.

Winners will be declared on 29 June 2022

Eligible Prizes

A chance to win any of these prizes: Homestay, Ikea products, Amazon voucher, PVR tickets, Arts & Crafts supplies.

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1 winner receives a free brunch for 2 at The Leela, Bhartiya City.


Transgender person receiving a grocery kit from a reach lives volunteer in Bangalore


Reach Lives has been working with trans-communities in Bengaluru through healthcare, nutrition and livelihood support programs.


During the second wave of COVID-19 in 2021, we brought emergency rations and health kits worth  ₹15,00,000 to over 1,000 trans-persons who had been acutely impoverished during the lockdowns.