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Reach Lives Awarded for its Dedication and Leadership

It's always a moment of immense pride when the hard work of a dedicated team gets recognized on a national platform. We're absolutely thrilled to announce that Reach Lives has been conferred with the prestigious NGO Leadership Award at the World Women Leadership Congress 2023!

We deeply appreciate the unwavering support of our donors, volunteers, and partners. This recognition is as much yours as it is ours. Let's keep making a difference together!

Mini Mohan of Reach Lives awarded at the national awards for excellence 2023
Reach Lives wins big!

Recognition for Exceptional Work During COVID-19

While the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reach Lives swiftly pivoted its operations to provide immediate and impactful assistance to those in need. From distributing essential supplies to setting up emergency medical centers, our team, volunteers, and partners went above and beyond to extend a helping hand during these trying times.

This award stands testament not just to the relentless efforts of our team but also to the real impact we've had on people's lives. Families were kept afloat, children received uninterrupted education, and countless lives were saved—all because of collective dedication and purpose.

Leadership Forged through Alliances

Reach Lives' vision goes beyond singular initiatives. At its core, our organization believes in the power of collaboration. Over the years, we have successfully forged strong alliances with numerous private sector entities and civil society organizations. This collaborative spirit amplifies our outreach and ensures that help reaches the corners where it's needed the most.

Advocating for a Better Tomorrow

In addition to our COVID-relief initiatives, Reach Lives has passionately advocated for causes close to our heart. From spearheading awareness campaigns for trans-rights to driving initiatives focusing on healthcare and nutrition, we believe in a holistic approach to societal upliftment. Our endeavors, underpinned by the steadfast support of our partners and volunteers, aim to create a more inclusive, just, and compassionate society.

Looking Ahead

While this recognition is truly an honor, it also serves as a reminder of the tremendous responsibility we shoulder. There are still many challenges to overcome, many lives to touch, and numerous causes to champion. And with your continued support and faith, we will keep marching forward, transforming lives, one initiative at a time.

To stay updated with our projects and to be a part of our mission, do visit our website and join us in our journey towards a brighter, better tomorrow.


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