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Feasts of Love: Celebrating Birthdays with Compassion

At Reach Lives, we believe every child deserves to feel loved and celebrated, especially on their birthdays. That's why our 'Feasts of Love' program holds a special place in our hearts. This initiative allows individuals to share their joy on birthdays, anniversaries, or other important milestones by sponsoring a festive meal for children at one of our foster homes.

Today, we are shining a spotlight on Vani Venugopalan, whose recent birthday was filled with warmth and generosity. Instead of traditional gifts, Vani chose to donate through Feasts of Love, providing a delicious and memorable meal for many children. Her kindness brought smiles, laughter, and a sense of belonging to those who might otherwise not have a chance to mark the occasion.

The Power of Shared Celebrations

Feasts of Love are about more than just food. They create a ripple effect of joy. Children feel seen and cherished, knowing that someone, somewhere, is thinking of them on their special day. And for donors like Vani, it's a heartwarming way to make their celebrations even more meaningful.

Thank You, Vani!

Vani, you have set a beautiful example of compassionate celebration. Your generosity has made a difference in the lives of many children. We are so grateful for your support of Reach Lives and the Feasts of Love program.

Get Involved

Inspired by Vani's story? Learn how you can bring joy to children in our foster homes by making a Feasts of Love donation. Visit our website for details and let's celebrate together!


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