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Feasts of Love: Celebrating a Golden Jubilee with Love and Laughter!

A well-wisher and friend of Reach Lives, Mr. Shankar Krishnamurthy chose a unique way to celebrate his 50th birthday. Instead of a lavish party, he sponsored a memorable dinner for a foster home full of joyful children.

Every mouthful savoured by the kids was filled with love and care, a testament to Shankar's generosity. The cheerful images captured during the meal and the heartwarming video of the children and their mother wishing him a happy birthday say it all.

Their eyes sparkled with unadulterated joy and gratitude, the simple happiness of a shared meal, lighting up their day.

This beautiful gesture echoes a timeless philosophy: 'In giving we receive'. When we share our blessings, we cultivate kindness, create joy, and build a stronger community. The happiness such a meal brings the children, who have so little and yearn for love, is immeasurable. These shared moments are not just meals, they are 'Feasts of Love', touching lives and making birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations even more meaningful.

You, too, can bring such light into the lives of these children. Join the 'Feasts of Love' initiative. Celebrate your special moments by sponsoring a meal or supporting our work in any way you can.

Contact us, call us, or visit to learn more. Spread joy and share love, because every child deserves to feel celebrated.


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