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A True Hero: Abhinav Viswanathan Supports 'Feasts of Love'

Reach Lives is overjoyed to announce the generous support received from the popular actor, Abhinav Viswanathan, for our 'Feasts of Love' initiative. As fans would attest, Abhinav is known for the warmth and humanity he exudes on screen, qualities that certainly translate into his real-life endeavours.

Recognized for his compelling performances as Agastya in the serial Nanarasi Radhe, and now stealing hearts as Pradyuma in Tripura Sundari, Abhinav is a household name in the Kannada TV industry. We're excited for his upcoming movie (release details to be announced soon on his social media - check out Abhinav's Instagram)!

Abhinav's contribution to the 'Feasts of Love' program will provide wholesome meals to underprivileged children, offering not only sustenance but also joy and love. His support exemplifies the message at the heart of our initiative - that we can all do our part in alleviating hunger and hardship in our community.

We are deeply grateful to Abhinav and all our donors, who help us manifest our vision of a world where no child goes hungry. Our previous benefactors have shown incredible kindness and commitment to this cause.

You too can be a part of this change! By visiting, you can explore numerous ways to support the 'Feasts of Love' program - through donations, partnerships, or volunteering. Join us in spreading love and eliminating hunger one meal at a time!

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