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COVID-19 brought many challenges to people of Bengaluru. During the second wave, especially, many children have contracted the illness or have been left abandoned when their parents succumbed to complications of COVID-19. Our partner Dream India Network has leveraged its network of foster homes across Bengaluru, the support of the government and that of various city NGO's to establish COVID care centers throughout Bengaluru. These special centers are offering free services and are meant for children with families with COVID-19 positive patients or those at child care institutions who have tested positive. They are also meant for children who have lost their parents or those whose caregivers are unwell.

Reach Lives is sourcing meals from its partner, the Bangalore Food Bank, to support the children nutritionally during their stay at the care centers. In addition, Reach Lives is working with Dream India Network to establish two long-term rehabilitation centers, in Indiranagar and Whitefield, for those children among the ones rescued who had mental and physical disabilities. Project Home Away From Home has made possible by the generous contribution of resilient and magnanimous Bengalureans. Please consider supporting the project here.

Reach Lives is also working with Dream India Network and sponsors, Rotary (lakeside) and Accenture, to set up COVID treatment centers for the destitute in TC Palya - Shantinilaya hospital and Rajajinagar - St. Theresa hospital.

Learn more about our COVID-outreach project here.


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