Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, depression and low self-esteem are extremely common among the individuals we work with in our health programs. Treating these conditions and other mental health afflictions with medication alone has limited effectiveness. Our mental health program looks beyond medical therapy and seeks to use a holistic approach in helping our beneficiaries cope with their problems.



Our Paint to Empower (P2E) program run in partnership with The Crimson Canvas, and other creative programs are aimed at fostering holistic development among our younger beneficiaries and provide a creative outlet to escape the stresses of life for our adult beneficiaries. Through this program we have reached over 2,000 individuals including 500 children who are on a current art mentorship program with our team.

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More often than not, people with mental health afflictions and troubles only need someone to talk to and confide in to feel a sense of belonging. We organize counselling and therapy individual and group sessions for all of our beneficiaries especially those who are identified to be at an elevated risk for mental health problems.


If you want to build your skills or have a meaningful impact while working collaboratively with other like minded individuals, you must consider volunteering in a Reach Lives project.


Be it diya painting workshops during Diwali, or cultural dance programs during Eid al-Fitr, or the games and gifts programs during Christmas, our team works hard to help our beneficiaries enjoy these holidays and experience the kindness and generosity of the rest of society thereby helping them understand that they have not been forgotten.