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50 trans-persons saw their FIRST MOVIE in a multiplex

In honour of Pride Month 2022, Reach Lives is launching the ‘LGBTQube Project’ in Bengaluru. As part of our Pride month outreach, Reach Lives has also partnered with BookMyShow (Book A Smile) to host a private screening of 777 Charlie at PVR Orion Mall for 50 members of the LGBTQ+ community including trans-persons who have previously never been able to visit malls and watch movies in multiplexes.

Reach Lives volunteers and trans-women outside PVR Orion Mall
Trans-women with Reach Lives at PVR Orion Mall

Although trans-gender individuals have been part of Indian society for centuries, they are still routinely discriminated everywhere.

We want to thank Ms. Nakshatra, award winning, trans-woman and activist who helped us organize this event. We are excited to announce that Reach Lives will be adopting the health and nutrition needs of India's first trans-run orphanage, Nammane Summane (founded by Ms. Nakshatra). We also want to thank PVR and Book My Show (Book a smile initiative) for their support.

The Reach Lives team has launched a website,, where people can learn more about the project, contribute funds to cover healthcare costs of trans-persons and share messages of support, hope and love with the LGBTQ+ community.

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